“An irresistable desire to travel to understand one’s very existence.”

I’ve always heard this word, but never really grasped its true meaning.

I’m not certain that I completely  grasp its full meaning now.

But, I am certain of one thing.

If God had not brought me to this place and given me this opportunity to live in China –

I would still be wondering.

I had such a small view of how amazingly beautiful this world was until moving here.  Sure, I had seen many beautiful things, but I had rarely taken the time to really ponder them.

When I did take a moment to pause from the hustle and bustle of life, it wasn’t a long pause.

I didn’t often take the time to linger and wonder.

I’m pretty sure that I had lost my awe.

In just the last week, I have had many opportunities to do just that.

To pause…

To linger…

To wonder…

To be in awe…

To deeply enjoy how amazingly beautiful God’s creation is and to be grateful for Him making it that way.  He didn’t have to make it so lovely, but He did just so that we could enjoy it.

I’m finding that it is about taking the time to notice the small things that make life and this world a beautiful place.  We all know there are things that are not so lovely sometimes, but if those are the only things that we focus on, we will be unable to see the things that should bring us joy.

I thought I would share with you just a few of the beautiful things that have brought me joy in the last week when I took the time to linger…

This is the Li River in Xingping, China.  This is the first day that was not cloudy all week and you could distinctly see mountains.  I was struck by how clear the water was.  I paused to see the reflection of the mountains and the trees in the water.  It was breathtaking.
This is my first Chinese New Year!  The decorations are phenomenal.  They are so big, bright, and everywhere descending.  This lovely example was one I experienced in Yangshuo – in Southern China.
This is Yu Garden in Shanghai.  It was created during the Ming Dynasty and took 18 years to cultivate.  I believe it was completed in 1577.  The koi were gigantic and displayed so many vibrant colors.  The most amazing part to me was that this was in the middle of the city, but was still so peaceful.  It was a quiet and beautiful oasis from the hustle and bustle of one of the largest cities in the world
This lovely woman was sitting on the banks of the Li River in Xingping.  She takes the river rocks she finds there and files them into the figures you see in the trays of water at her feet.  She must have worked for hours to get these beautiful creations complete.  To me, she was an example of God placing His creativity in the heart of His favorite creation – US.


I may not have a very deep understanding of this thing called wanderlust.  I know that I don’t have a deep grasp of “my very existence” – whatever that means.  But, I am beginning to see this adventure we call life for what it is.  It is an opportunity to explore our purpose.

Maybe this exploration will enable me to behold beauty in other far away places – only God knows that…

Maybe I will get the opportunity to continue to learn more about my purpose and have continued chances to fulfill them…

I believe one of those purposes is to be light.

I have no doubt that I am to show love to those around me – even AND ESPECIALLY when it isn’t easy to do so.

Here’s to more exploration and the opportunity to find out just what it means to have WANDERLUST.