Expecting the Unexpected

“Unexpected intrusions of beauty – this is what life is.”

 – Unknown

Yesterday, I experienced exactly that – an unexpected intrusion of beauty.  It snowed in Shanghai!  What made it so absolutely unexpected was that it continued snowing – ALL DAY LONG.  Teachers all around me were marveling at the sight out the windows as we completed our last day of work before the impending Chinese New Year break.  What I didn’t at first understand was just how miraculous a sight this was.  Who knows…I may never see it again while living in Shanghai.

A friend later shared with me that it has not snowed here for longer than two minutes the entire six years she has lived here with her family!  Her children were ecstatic because they had NEVER seen SNOW before.

All around me on my walk home from work were people playing in the snow.  It was only around an inch or so on the grass, but what a beautifully unexpected inch it was!  Even adults were building snowmen and throwing snowballs at each other.  It was a light-hearted walk home to my apartment for sure.  Even slipping and sliding on the icy, brick sidewalks was worth it to see adults and children alike playing without a care in the world.  What a beautiful gift!

I thought maybe you would like to see a bit of my beautiful miracle…

This is the large pine tree in the center circle of the LQ – Living Quarters.  I love the way the snow graced each branch…
I’ve always loved close up photos of snow on branches…
There’s just something pretty spectacular about snow on a palm tree…at least I think that’s what it is:)
I think the look on his face says it all…







































So, there you have it – tiny, crystalline happiness.  It certainly made me feel a kid again!  Yes – I danced in the snow.  No – I didn’t stick my tongue out…this is China after all:)