The Beauty of a Moment

I am so blessed to do the things that I do.  Whether it is being in the classroom with some truly amazing students, or being with teenagers that I truly love in youth ministry or Young Life, I spend much of my life with people under the age of eighteen.  Sometimes, I long for some adult time, but mostly I try to remember to take the time to marvel…

I wonder if I marvel enough.

Or have I lost my wonder…

I think that we can fall into the trap of “leading” our often very busy lives.  I know that I so often feel like I’m moving at the speed of light that I just don’t take the time to wonder and marvel at the beauty of a single moment.  It is in those times that I lose the reason for why it is that I do what I do.

I remember writing a piece a few months ago about taking the time to linger and enjoy the moment.  I may have forgotten that,

maybe just a little bit…

O.K. – I totally forgot.

But, sometimes, I am overcome by the beauty of simple moments.

And I allow them to touch me.

Last week, I was blessed to see one of my very good friends do a courageous thing.  She overcame her fear of public speaking and shared her story with the students in our youth group. It was like a sparkler – you know that transformation when at first there are just a few sparks…


it becomes this thing of absolute excitement and beauty as it allows itself to be used for it’s intended purpose and sprays sparks everywhere in an absolutely amazing display of sparkling light and crackling sound.


It was a lot like that.

You could almost see her very spirit come alive as she shared her story and if it is even possible – even more so after she was finished and was just sitting and talking with a small group of girls.

I wish all of you reading this post could have seen it.  But, I imagine that you can think of times where you have seen someone fulfill a purpose that the Creator had for them – large or small – they are all amazing.

And they all deserve someone to step back, ponder the moment, and MARVEL.

May we all do a little more of that…