If You Could See What I See…

I sat on the sofa, surrounded by the din of the university lounge that I found myself in.  Today was the first day of the writing project workshop that I am fortunate enough to be a participant. I had all the tools necessary for the job set before me.



List of possible topics…check.

At first, I wasn’t certain which topic from the list I made earlier in the day was going to be the one that made it to the page.

But, it quickly became clear.

I began to visualize many of the girls that I love dearly and work with in our youth group and the words just began to pour from my pen to the page.  This is a piece of my heart for them…each “someone” a specific individual in our group.  This is an open letter to my girls. Hopefully, if they read this, they will see what I see in each of them.

I see you in the corner, trying to hide – thinking you have nothing to offer others in this life.  I see you, hoping that no one else can see that part of you that is afraid to stand out because you think you aren’t “good enough.” I’ve heard the names you call yourself and I’ve seen the scars.  Some physical, some not…

My heart breaks when I see the burden you carry and the toll it takes on your beautiful spirit.


Do you know how beautiful you are?  You see, I’m not talking about beauty that is fleeting – that will one day inevitably fade.

I wish you could see the beauty that I see when I look at you.

I see…

Someone with a beautiful, infectious smile (the smile that lights up even my most difficult days.)

Someone with a generous, compassionate heart who gives the BEST hugs.

Someone who is devoted to those around them – you love well and you love much.

Someone who is genuine – you are REAL and WITHOUT PRETENSE.  You say what you mean and mean what you say.  Sincerity is such a rare quality in our world today.  Cherish that transparency – it is a gift even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

Someone who makes me laugh. Laughter is so important – it lifts the spirit, changes outlooks, and makes life a fun adventure instead of a series of tedious tasks.

Someone who has the heart of a servant – you care about people and you demonstrate it in your actions.  You don’t just talk about it – you DO it!

Someone who is so supportive of others.  I cannot count the times I’ve watched you wrap your arms around those you encounter who are hurting.

These are thing things I wish you would see in the mirror when your reflection stares back at you at the end of the day. What the world calls beautiful is shallow.  True beauty isn’t merely on the outside. True beauty, the kind that will never fade, is found inside

a beautiful mind

a beautiful heart

a beautiful soul.




  1. Arianna says:

    Mrs.Kolb this is Arianna in your second period. You have really inspired me to be a writer. Before I came to your class I was just a little girl who was afraid to express her true feelings. To even let it pure out till no juice was left was hard enough. But man I am so blessed to have you as a teacher. Thank you Mrs.Kold you have help me find the missing piece to my personality.

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    1. Krista says:


      I am blessed to have you as a student – you are truly amazing. You have something to say that the world NEEDS to hear. I glad that I get to witness you exploring what to say. That missing piece has always been there, but sometimes we need to mine for diamonds. Here’s to your journey of finding your words…


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